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  • ᶠⁱʳˢᵗ ᵇˡᵒᵍ ᵖᵒˢᵗ
    Hi everyone, most of you know me through twitter, social media can be a great platform to meet people and engage with others with similar interests as you but with twitter your on a word count limit with what you can “tweet” as I always have a lot to say I thought a blog would…More
  • Idle empire rewards
    Hi everyone, welcome to another post I thought I’d share with you all a rewards platform that I’ve recently come across called idle rewards. What does it do? Idle rewards reward you for taking surveys, watching videos, and completing offers, I currently cash out my rewards in cryptocurrency so for every 1000 points I get…More
  • Things to do in a pandemic
    Yes its been over a whole year now since we all got told to stay inside, here are a few tips and tricks to maintain a healthy mind and lifestyle 1. First and most importantly, get some fresh air every single day! Wake up open your windows, grab a coffee or whatever you drink to…More
  • Small business? We got you
    I know how much of a struggle it is when just starting out as a small business the best advice I can give is promote on as many platforms as you can, instagram is a main selling point for me as hashtags increase the chances of you being noticed by people with similar interests Mr…More
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